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Reviewing and paying a mountain of bills is a burden to any business. And let’s be honest, telecom bills are not the easiest things to decipher. The time it takes to figure out what service is being billed, for what location and if the fees are correct is lengthy. Depending on how many bills you receive, you may need to enlist several employees to make sure you aren’t overpaying and that you’re paying on time to avoid late fees. Is this how you want your team spending their time? 

What if there was another option? What if you could hire someone to do this for you? You can!

You just need to find the right Managed Service Provider (MSP). The partner you select needs to treat your bills the way they do their own -- 

  • Thorough review
  • Dispute of anything billed in error
  • Timely payment

They also need to deliver a single, consolidated and correct monthly invoice back to you. And the invoice they provide needs to be easy to understand, organized by location with the associated fees clearly itemized. Their billing system should also be flexible enough to include identifiers that are meaningful for your business, GL codes for example. 

There is another huge benefit to hiring an MSP to handle ISP bill pay and consolidation for you, the 30+ day float. The MSP receives and pays the ISP bills, the ISP fees are billed on the MSP’s next invoice to you and you then have at least net 30 terms to pay the invoice. This alone makes it a no brainer. 

Some other things to consider when looking to hire an MSP for this service include --

  • Do they provide an online portal where you can access the ISP bills as needed?
  • Do they handle other tasks like service cancellations? 
  • Do they offer other services like ISP aggregation, network services?

s2s has been providing ISP bill pay and consolidation for over 13 years. Our team of skilled billing experts makes certain your business never pays more than it should. Learn more at or call 856-780-3739 to speak with a consultant today. 

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