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Bill Consolidation

A single Bill from All your ISP's

Feeling buried? ISP invoices can have that effect on people. s2s takes that burden off your shoulders by receiving all of your ISP invoices on your behalf. Our team of skilled billing experts reviews and audits each invoice to make sure the fees are correct and you are not billed anything in error. If any fees are incorrect, our team handles the disputes directly with the ISPs. And on a monthly basis s2s delivers one, single correct invoice to you. It’s as easy as that!


Case Study

National Automotive Retailer

  • Automotive Retailer with locations across the US, including Puerto Rico
  • Over 300 separate Internet and TV service bills 
  • Store openings and closings on a regular basis
  • Needed:
    • Ongoing bill audits to make sure the bills are correct.
    • Payments submitted on time to prevent service interruption and late fees.
    • Cancellation of service when stores close so no extra fees are incurred.

s2s Solution

  • Consolidated 300+ Bills to 1 monthly Bill
  • Single contact for turn-up and turn-down of internet service.

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"The S2S folks are fantastic to work with! The team is bright, effective & understanding to my companies' needs"

— Joe Massi
Pep Boys

" As a technology company, they provide a now rare (for these days) human touch...and never take a "not our problem" attitude even if that is the case."

— Michael Cardali
formerly with STS Tire & Auto Centers

"s2s came to us when we were beyond frustrated with what was then our current provider. s2s took charge, got up to speed and completed our projects that had been waiting for months previously."

— Global Infrastructure Network & Telephony Team

"While we may not be a very large client for you, we appreciate s2s more than you may know. I am one of the grateful users of your service, from my home office. The reliability and service we get from s2s is excellent. We use this “connect from home office like you are IN the office” as a way to attract and retain talent. It is one of the things our business management team ranks “very high” as a reason to work at SPI."

— Ronn Cort, COO and President