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Backup Internet

Whether you have MPLS or broadband deployed in your network, what happens when the internet goes down? Do you have a backup internet connection in place so your business can continue running? s2s provides redundant internet connections to ensure business continuity. We verify all internet service options available at each of your locations so you can select the best option for your business. If a sufficient, redundant wired line option is not available or if you are seeking a lower cost option, we also offer Cellular Wireless.


Replacing MPLS with Broadband

Are you still spending an arm and a leg on MPLS and wondering if making the switch to broadband is worth the cost savings? It is if you have a MSP like s2s managing the connections for you. We always recommend dual broadband (two connections) and we verify all available internet service options so you can select the connections that will work best for your business. We also monitor your connections 24x7x365 so we can start working issues the moment they are detected and resolve them ASAP.


Wireless Internet

Do you have a remote location where you cannot get decent wired line internet service? s2s provides both Fixed and Cellular Wireless options. With Fixed Wireless, your location simply needs a clear line of sight to the provider\'s tower. And with Cellular Wireless, your location needs to be close enough to the nearest tower and not have any structural elements which inhibit the signal from penetrating the building. In both scenarios, s2s conducts site surveys to verify whether the wireless service is a viable option for your business.


Internet Upgrades

With the proliferation of cloud-based applications and mobile devices, bandwidth is a necessary consideration. s2s helps you determine how much bandwidth you need to adequately support your network. Where enhancements are needed, s2s manages the upgrade of existing connections and/or the switch to alternative connections.


Grand Openings

Your location needs to be up and running on time. Internet service is a necessary component of the opening. s2s provides a dedicated Account Manager for each of your internet service turn-ups. This individual handles each step in the process, making sure installations are scheduled in a timely fashion and connectivity is verified at the time of the installation. Your Account Manager provides you updates along the way and ensures deadlines are met.


Location Closings

When your business location closes, the internet service is no longer needed. Who makes sure the service is cancelled on the correct date so that you do not incur more fees than you should? s2s handles all MACD (move, add, change, delete) activity for you so that internet connections are terminated as required and additional fees are avoided.

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