Avoid These 3 Mistakes When Choosing a Managed Service Provider

Knowing is half the battle

Not all managed service providers (MSPs) are the same. Some of them take care of all of your network-related tasks. Others focus on a few smaller jobs. Some work on projects for years. Others only stick around for a few weeks. When it comes to finding the perfect MSP for your business, however, you need to avoid some of these common mistakes.

Mistake #1: You've Chosen an MSP Who Doesn't Focus on Uptime

Uptime is one of the most crucial components of your business, regardless of your niche. The Ponemon Institute\'s downtime study, released in January 2016, referenced a 38 percent increase in the cost of network downtime, from an average of $505,502 in 2010 to $740,357 in 2015. Estimates show downtime events continue to become more expensive as businesses and users increase their network reliance, meaning the trend will continue upward.  Downtime can have a significant impact on your business and even drive customers away. If consumers are unable to pay with a credit card, for example, they might head elsewhere and your business loses the sale. This is why you should invest in an MSP who takes uptime seriously.

Mistake #2: You've Chosen an MSP Who Doesn't Have an Effective Help Desk

You might be reluctant to hand your network over to a third-party. But if you choose the right team you can outsource all those tasks you don't have the time for and focus on growing your business. Just be sure to choose an MSP who has an effective help desk.

Some MSPs might only be reachable by email or live chat, others might not respond to your messages. Choose an MSP who has a wide range of contact options and responds in a speedy time frame.

"A good MSP will have sufficient resources to provide both remote management and monitoring and first call support services on a 24×7 basis," says Information Age. In short, select an MSP who guarantees a human being will answer your call when you have a question or problem.

Mistake #3: You've Chosen an MSP Who Doesn't Take Security Seriously

Your MSP will likely handle the bulk of your network operations, so it's crucial you choose one that excels in network security. If you don't, you could jeopardize customer data and potentially lose customers.

Network security has become a massive concern for all businesses, and it's not hard to see why. There were 4,000 ransomware attacks every day in 2016 and more than 300,000 new malware strains were discovered daily.

Choose an MSP, therefore, that specializes in network security. Look for a professional who updates your software, installs the latest security patches, and scans your systems for malware. This way you can keep your data safe.

Looking for an MSP? Don't make the three mistakes on this list. Instead, find an MSP that focuses on improving uptime, has an effective help desk and takes network security seriously. You will then be able to improve productivity in your organization and concentrate on growing your business!

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