Exploring Your Business Internet Options: Is an MSP the Right Choice for You?

In the current fast-paced, digital world, the right internet connectivity has become the lifeblood of businesses. However, with so many options and variations, selecting the right internet for your business can seem daunting. This is especially true for multi-location businesses with locations spread across multiple Internet Service Provider (ISP) footprints. Thankfully, Managed Service Providers (MSPs) exist to take on these complex tasks. Whether or not your business could benefit from the support of an MSP depends on your specific requirements. This article will guide you through various business internet service options and help you determine if an MSP could benefit your business.

Broadband vs. Dedicated Internet Access

In today's world, connectivity options have seen dramatic improvements. Cable providers now offer internet speeds up to 1 Gig in download, while Local exchange carriers (LECs) provide Fiber to the Premise (FTTP) with symmetrical 1 Gig bandwidth. Even though it's best effort service, the bandwidth and affordable pricing make it an excellent option for businesses.

Dedicated Internet Access (DIA)
Gone are the days of T1s. Dedicated fiber is the choice today, with scorching bandwidth speeds. Cable providers and LECs offer it, often extending beyond their respective footprints. It’s just a matter of finding the most cost-effective option.

Primary vs. Failover Connectivity

Wireline internet service remains the preferred choice for primary business connectivity, with certain exceptions. Nevertheless, cellular carriers are presenting compelling options. Offerings like AT&T’s Broadband Over Wireless and Verizon’s Business Internet provide high data allotments or unlimited data at reasonable prices. The advent of 5G is likely to increase the use of cellular for primary connectivity, particularly for locations where cost-effective wireline service is not available.

Redundancy is crucial for failover. If feasible, two redundant wireline broadband connections can ensure zero downtime. Also effective is the pairing of wireline with wireless for a truly redundant and cost-effective solution.

Does My Business Need an MSP?

Few Locations
If your business consists of a small number of locations within a single provider footprint, you may not need an MSP. However, if you're looking for an MSP to manage not just connectivity but your entire network infrastructure, their services can be invaluable. An MSP can function as your outsourced IT team, ensuring your network is always up and running while you focus on your business.

Many Locations
For medium to large enterprise businesses with many locations in diverse provider footprints, hiring an MSP is a smart move. ISP management can be a tedious task, and time spent on ISP billing and support adds no value to your business. You need your employees focused on growth and innovation, not entangled in technical issues.

How s2s can help?

s2s Communications is a Gartner-recognized MSP that specializes in ISP aggregation and managed network services. We pride ourselves on our superior customer service levels, as evidenced by our high ratings and customer retention rate. If you feel your business could benefit from partnering with an MSP, let's chat. We're here to help you navigate the various internet options and ensure you have the best solutions in place for your business.


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