Bring Your Own Connectivity
What You Need to Know

When it comes to managing internet connectivity, there are two options - do it yourself or hire someone to do it for you. If you are a multi-location business, the latter makes the most sense. And you want to hire a Managed Service Provider who offers “Bring Your Own Connectivity,” or BYOC. This refers to the ability to bring your own existing internet connections with you when you move to a managed service provider (MSP) or change MSPs.

Major Benefit

BYOC can be a major benefit for customers looking for more control and flexibility over their internet. Not only does it allow you to keep the connections you already have in place, but it also saves you from having to go through the headache or expense of installing new connections. Additionally, BYOC expedites the process of switching over to an MSP, which can be a relief for businesses who are feeling the pain of ISP management.

The Essentials

So, what exactly is BYOC and how does it work? Essentially, BYOC is a way to manage your existing internet connections without having to worry about making major changes or going through a long setup process. The MSP, in this case, s2s Communications (s2s), takes over the process of managing your existing connections, which includes things like monitoring the connections for issues and ensuring that the connections remain stable and reliable.

s2s also assesses your current connections to see if there are any areas where improvements can be made, such as higher speeds or better reliability. This means you can have peace of mind knowing that your connections are being managed by professionals who are working to ensure that you have the best possible experience.

s2s also handles ISP billing, the painfullest of the tasks involved in ISP management! Our billing team works directly with the ISPs to change the "bill to" on all of your invoices to s2s. Month over month, the ISP bills are received, reviewed and paid by s2s. All fees are consolidated into a single, comprehensible monthly invoice, itemized and organized by location. 

Why is BYOC so valuable to multiple-location businesses? If you run a business with locations in different areas across the US and beyond, it’s a nightmare keeping track of what services you have where and who to contact for what. s2s manages it all as your single point of contact.  Your circuit inventory details are maintained in one place, and you never have to worry about who to call if there are issues. This makes it much easier to keep track of and ensures that your business is always connected, no matter where you are.

What it all comes down to

So, how do you know if you need to hire an MSP like s2s Communications? There are a number of signs that indicate that you may need to hire an MSP or switch MSPs, .these include:

  1. Too Many Bills: If you are dealing with multiple bills from different ISPs for different locations, it can be difficult to keep track of all of your expenses. s2s Communications can help simplify this process by consolidating all of your bills into one monthly invoice, with fees clearly itemized by location.
  2. Too Many Headaches: If you are consistently dealing with issues with your internet connections, such as slow speeds or frequent outages, your team is bogged down with ISP management and unavailable for more important initiatives... s2s Communications provides 24x7x365 monitor and trouble resolution. Connections are also monitored for chronic issues and we find service that is more reliable and consistent. With s2s, you can focus on growing your business.
  3. Too Many Service Requests: You’re planning for a network upgrade, for example, the replacement of MPLS with broadband, and you don’t have the wo/manpower to deploy new connectivity across your footprint, s2s streamlines the process by managing all of the service checks and installations of best service available, so you don't have to worry it.
  4. Your inventory is a mess or you don’t even have one: You’ve grown and you need a current and clean inventory of your connectivity details. s2s maintains the detailed inventory for you, so that you can easily access what you need at any time.
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