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Starting at $20 per location

Restaurants choose s2s cellular when downtime is not an option.


Easy Install

Be up and running within a week. s2s sends the cellular modem with the activated SIM card and you plug it into your network. It's that simple!



1GB pooled plans start at just $20 per month. If you have 20 locations, you have 20 GB for all of them to rely on in case of primary internet failure. 


No Contracts

s2s cellular service is provided on a month to month term with no commitment. This gives you the opportunity to try with no risk. 


Case Study

Quick Service Restaurant (QSR)

  • Busy lunch rush which CANNOT tolerate downtime.
  • Needed Managed Service Provider (MSP) who provides and monitors both the primary and backup internet.
  • With cellular as the cost-efffective backup internet connection, needed a MSP who provides pooled data plans and monitors data usage 

s2s Solutions

  • 24x7x365 internet service experts restore service ASAP if it goes down.
  • Outage notifications and dashboard providing status of all issues being worked.
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