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Replace your OVERpriced and UNDERperforming carrier-grade MPLS network with enterprise broadband from S2S.

Higher Bandwith

Lower Cost

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The 3 keys to switching

s2s takes care of everything, providing you better service at less cost.

The Right Connections

Contrary to popular belief, you don\'t need MPLS in order to receive \"five 9s\" availability. Two, redundant broadband connections will provide the same. And s2s will make sure you have the best connections available, wired and/or wireless.


The Right Team

With s2s leading the way, you\'ll be up on broadband in no time AND without downtime. Our team of telecom experts has a track record of successfully migrating businesses off of MPLS and over to broadband.

The Right Help desk

You will rest easy knowing s2s is monitoring your network 24x7x365. Our helpdesk team takes action as soon as an issue is detected and delivers speedy resolution.


Over $3 million dollars in annual savings.

s2s is Your Partner


Case Study

Temporary Staffing/Workforce Solutions

  • Kelly Services had high-priced MPLS transport deployed at hundreds of branch offices and determined that Broadband would offer higher data transmission speeds at a fraction of the cost.

  • At the same time, Kelly recognized that Broadband would not carry "five nines" reliability and the SLAs of an MPLS network.

  • Therefore, Kelly needed a strategic vendor who could both (1) quickly and efficiently manage the installation of a Broadband network at hundreds of branch locations across the United States and, (2) post-installation, proactively monitor and manage that new network and perform circuit fault management, as necessary.

  • Further, due to the nature of the staffing industry (constant opening and closing of branch offices), Kelly also needed a provider who could adeptly and swiftly provision (and de-provision) transport in response to business need.


"s2s came to us when we were beyond frustrated with what was then our current provider. s2s took charge, got up to speed, and completed our projects that had been waiting for months previously. The communication and response time with s2s is what makes them stand head and shoulders above the rest! We are extremely comfortable with our s2s team and know that they work alongside Kelly Services as a partner to complete our installs. We couldn't be happier that they are our service providers and more importantly, our partners!" 

- Global Infrastructure Network & Telephony Team 


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