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In sunny Coachella Valley, home of festivals and golf, sits an automotive retailer at the intersection of an irrigation canal and a state highway. An SD-WAN project inspired the replacement of their existing MPLS with broadband. Due to location, options were slim. A desktop survey showed cable as a potential option, but construction was definitely required. The initial estimate was $5,000 but after the physical site survey was completed, construction costs were determined to be almost four times the initial estimate. s2s worked with the internet service provider (ISP) to reduce the cost for the customer and since this was the only viable broadband option, the customer approved the order. 

The s2s Telecom Specialist placed the order in December of 2020. At order placement, the ISP provided an installation timeframe of ninety (90) days. Per standard process, s2s followed up regularly with the ISP to see how things were coming along, and it soon became clear the 90-day installation timeframe would not be met. The required permits were taking longer than anticipated, in part due to location and in part due to the pandemic. 

s2s’s main concern when it comes to orders that stall is the ISP may cancel the order due to lack of activity or forward progress on the order. As such, s2s process is to continue to follow up on a regular basis to ensure the order is on the ISP’s radar. If you don’t do this, the ISP may stop follow up on their end and the order essentially falls through the cracks, either resulting in extended delays or even worse, order cancellation.

So, this is exactly what our Specialist did, she followed up month after month for two years! And in December of 2022 the cable internet connection was finally installed. If she had not done this, our customer would not have received the internet service they needed to operate their business. If you find yourself in the Coachella Valley, and in need of automotive supplies or service, there’s at least one place we know of that is open for business and can help you!

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