s2s celebrates 15 years!

Our founder Mike Kelsen was hired by a company to help them sell the Managed Service line of their business. It was no longer interesting to them; they had become primarily focused on their proprietary software product. As Mike learned more and more about the business, his interest peaked. He had an eye for opportunity, and it seemed like this might be one. He ran due diligence with his righthand gal business associate and made an offer. Fifteen years later, s2s is thriving!

Last week we celebrated this milestone with a party that honored our team and our partners. The night was spent expressing gratitude for the contributions they’ve all made to the success of this company. Some of the most special moments of the night were the surprise messages from our customers that were shared with our team. They work so diligently each day to take stellar care of our customers and it was wonderful to share with them how much their hard work is appreciated.

Which brings us back to Mike, he keenly understood success in business began and ended with people. If you took good care of your employees, they’d take good care of the customers, and everyone would succeed. This is what makes s2s such a special place to work. It’s also what has garnered s2s a super high customer retention rate as well as high ratings from customers and partners alike. Cheers to our employees, our customers, and our partners, we are grateful to all of you!

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