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How to get Internet Service Installed when there is a Train Track in the Way

Here's what happened

In June of 2020 our customer placed an order for fiber internet service at one of their distribution centers in South Carolina. This was not an ordinary order, however, as there was a railroad track in the way. After months of follow ups with the internet service provider (ISP) our Provisioning team was finally advised that they had given approval to their contractor to complete the aerial construction up to the customer’s property. They had also filed for a railroad permit for the underground crossing.

Our Provisioning Team received bi-weekly updates from the ISP Project Manager regarding the status of the railroad permit and the Provisioning Specialist assigned to the customer regularly followed up with the PM as well. Our team was advised that permits with the railroad could take up to one year due to their stringent requirements. Add on top of that the COVID pandemic which lead to staffing shortages in the offices that handle these permits, which resulted in further delays. Needless to say, this order dragged on for quite some time and required consistent follow up by the s2s team throughout the process.

In June 2022, at the request of s2s, the internet service provider reached out to government affairs in an effort to get the permit moving forward. At long last, after twenty-six (26) months of follow ups, our team finally received notification that the permits were approved and the final phase of construction should be completed by the end of this September, with installation planned for the first week of October.

In short, this order has required tenacity and a team of telecom specialists who know the right questions to ask and the appropriate actions to recommend. This is a shining example of the value s2s provides its customers.

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