Have Patience, Doctors Do

The Longer Easier Road

In just about every sense of the word, working in telecommunications requires a great deal of patience.
It is for sure one of the messier industries, complicated by a perfect storm of ISP giants, evolving
technology and acquisitions, and new cos popping up around every corner. It often feels like an endless
cycle of follow-up and wait.

As a Managed Service Provider specializing in ISP aggregation, we experience “the follow-up and await”
in every aspect of the business – provisioning, billing, and trouble resolution. Here are the top offenders
in each bucket:

Provisioning - Locations requiring construction

Our previous News story covered an extreme case of this involving a railroad track. But even
locations with modest construction require regular follow-up to ensure appropriate expectations
are set for the customer and installations to take place as soon as possible.

Billing - Fee dispute resolution

Between the varying processes for fee disputes and the follow-ups required to make sure credits
are paid, this one can be a real bear. We’ve had instances where disputes have taken over a year
of following up until the ISP has paid the credit due.

Trouble Resolution - Performance-related issues

When the issue is not cut and dry, ex. service down, but rather something like a slow or dropping
connection, the resolution process requires quite a few more follow-ups with the ISPs. This is
because cases like this involve a more thorough investigation, specifically a review of performance
data and a deeper look at the ISP network.

We even experience the follow-up and wait from the very beginning, when we work on new business opportunities. We had been working on an opportunity for a large, financial sector firm in which we kept in touch with the prospective client for over three (3) years. We are thrilled to report they recently signed on for s2s Managed Internet Service. We didn’t mind the time it took to get here. In fact, we enjoyed the process of getting to know our new customer. We always say, we’ll be here, and we’ll be ready when you are. No pushy sales tactics, we don’t even have salespeople on staff. You could be our next customer, take a look at our reviews on Google to learn how we’ve earned our 5-star rating!

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