What does a managed service Provider do?

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Managed services

There's a lot more to it than meets the eye

Technology is Everything

We\'re living in the midst of the digital age, and technology is only going to become more integrated in our daily lives. And no sector is going to feel that push more than business. Think about it. Our whole life runs on technology, and for good reason. It\'s a great way to streamline everything from simple daily tasks to more complicated procedures. Businesses are especially reliant on technology to perform at peak capacity all the time. It\'s improved things a lot in terms of customer satisfaction and product readiness, but it also means your network needs to be up and running in optimal fashion at all times.

Here\'s where managed service companies come into play. s2s is an example of a solutions company that is changing the face of technology integration and security. So what are the real time and tangible benefits of managed service companies? Let\'s go through a few of them now!

Back Up For Your Back Up

We in the business of managed services call this redundancy. It\'s a pretty simple concept once it\'s explained. Imagine you have a large internet pipe in place that handles all of your internet needs. It\'s going great until one day a fiber cut in the field takes down your internet. To make matters worse, the ISP is unable to provide an ETR (estimated time of resolution). Managed services is kind of like having a backup ISP in your pocket. s2s assumes the role of your ISP by proactively tracking resolution until the internet is restored. And speaking of backups, check out our cellular service for fail-over. It's the best insurance policy you can buy! Sounds too good to be true, right? That\'s just the future talking...it\'s saying look into s2s. 

Monitoring 24/7

Your IT guys probably work a 9-5 schedule from Monday to Friday. But what happens when your business hits a critical technology snag on Sunday morning at 7 AM? Is your IT guy on call, and is he/she willing to come in to fix the issue? Even if they will, that\'s another hour you have to wait for them to get to the office, assess the problem and offer a solution. An hour in business time is pretty much an eternity of losing sales. Why does managed service work better? We\'re monitoring your network 24x7x365. Thus, you don't even have to call us. We\'ll have already known there was a problem and we\'ll be working to fix it before it can greatly affect your business day. Any location, any time, always. How can your IT guy compete with that? (they can\'t)


No one likes getting hacked. It\'s especially bad for business (who would\'ve guessed). If you have a firewall already in place are you certain it is robust enough to protect your network. Why wait to find out? Managed service providers like s2s take care of making the right security appliance recommendation for your business. And same as the internet, we keep an eye on security alerts address any issues immediately. That way your company can rest assured your network is safe and in good hands.

The choice seems obvious now, doesn\'t it? Shoot us a message and we can talk more about what managed services can do for you.

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