Unlocking Business Growth: Managed Internet Service for Multi-location Enterprises

Your business is expanding, congratulations! With this growth, however, come a few challenges, like managing multiple Internet Service Providers (ISPs). If you're overwhelmed with multiple bills, inconsistent services, and frequent downtimes, it's time to consider a managed internet service. At s2s communications, we're here to guide you through the process.

What is Managed Internet Service?

Managed Internet Service is more than just connectivity—it's about ease, clarity, and assurance. Offered by Managed Service Providers (MSPs) like s2s, this service encompasses everything from the procurement of new internet services to the cancellation of unneeded connections across all your business locations. The MSP acts as your dedicated team for all ISP related tasks, ensuring smooth operation and streamlined billing.

Why Not Manage It Internally?

It's a valid question. While some companies might think they can juggle multiple ISPs on their own, the truth is that it's neither efficient nor strategic. Such tasks distract your team from their core responsibilities—driving your business forward. Instead of getting bogged down by the nuances of ISP management, it's wise to leave it to the experts, like s2s, who excel in this specific domain.

Concerned About Installing New Internet Connections?

A common misconception is that onboarding an MSP means upheaval—swapping out old connections for new ones. While some MSPs might necessitate this, it's essential to inquire beforehand. The good news? Many MSPs, including s2s, offer "Bring Your Own Access (BYOA)" or "Bring Your Own Connectivity (BYOC)" services. With these, your existing connections remain undisturbed, ensuring seamless transitions and cost savings.

Simplified Billing? Yes, Please!

Say goodbye to juggling multiple bills from various ISPs. With managed internet service, you receive a single, comprehensive monthly invoice. MSPs like s2s handle all ISP bills, consolidate them by location, and even challenge any incorrect charges. One bill, zero hassles!

24/7 Support Equals Unparalleled Peace of Mind

Downtime can cripple a business. With MSP support, you're not just getting technical assistance—you're investing in peace of mind. s2s offers round-the-clock monitoring and rapid issue resolution. Plus, with our managed services ticketing platform, you're always in the loop.

Choose s2s: Your Partner in Managed Internet Service

s2s communications stands out in the MSP arena. Recognized by Gartner, our dedication to providing top-notch managed internet service since 2008 is unmatched. We pride ourselves on being ISP agnostic, which means we always offer the best options for your business. Our impressive customer retention rate and rave reviews speak for themselves. Ready to simplify your multi-location internet needs? Let's connect today!

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