Three Ways Cellular Improves Your Network

Downtime is not an option for your business. Your network needs to be up and running 24x7. And it cannot be vulnerable to outside forces such as provider outages or weather-related events. You need the peace of mind that you have the necessary connectivity in place to make sure your bottom line is protected. Here are a few reasons why cellular is a great option for your business.

Fail-Safe Backup

A single internet connection cannot guarantee you 100% uptime, even if it’s a dedicated line, they too experience hiccups from time to time. Two, redundant internet connections is what your business needs. And cellular is a fabulous option for one of those connections --

  • It’s truly redundant, the backhoe won’t take it down along with your wired internet
  • It’s super affordable, a fraction of the cost of adding a second wired line
  • It’s reliable, rarely experiences outages

In short, cellular is the best bang for your buck when it comes to internet service. 

On Demand Service

Unlike wired line internet, cellular service does not have a term associated with it. This makes it a great option for temporary connectivity --

  • Your wired line installation is delayed and you need internet for your grand opening
  • Hurricane is coming and you need a wireless failover in place in case of a wired line outage

An effective MSP will manage this for you and ship cellular routers as needed. 

Darn Good Primary

It’s hard to believe this could be possible in 2021 but there are still areas where DSL is the best wired line option available. In this situation, you absolutely must consider cellular --

  • The bandwidths are great 
  • The providers offer higher data plan options to support business operations
  • A dual-SIM cellular router gives you the redundancy you need

A competent MSP will verify the best providers for the location, make sure the router is installed in the most optimal location within your location and provide 24x7 support. 

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