Three Benefits of ISP Aggregation

Your business is growing and your number of locations continues to rise. Your staff has handled the internet service orders, installs and billing from the get but it’s starting to require way too much of their time. And it’s a massive headache. What should you do? Hire an ISP Aggregator. Here are a few of the benefits.  

Single Point of Contact

Managing a multi-location business with locations in various ISP footprints quickly becomes challenging, and time consuming. Figuring out which ISP services a location and who you’re supposed to call is just the beginning. Then there’s the knowing how each ISP operates, some use portals others just use phone and email. And for every stage of the life cycle of the connection there is a completely different contact, phone number and email. It’s not easy to keep this all straight. Enter an ISP Aggegator who will assign you a dedicated Account Manager as your single point of contact for internet service. No matter where your location is or what service is available your contact and your experience will always be the same. 

One Consolidated Monthly Invoice

Reviewing and paying a mountain of bills is a burden. The review process alone could take days, and it’s a step you cannot bypass or else you render yourself vulnerable to overpaying. There’s the coding by location, the verification of services billed, the checking for anything billed in’s a process. Then you have to make sure you pay the bills on time or else you fall victim to the late fee. And for anything billed in error there is the dreaded dispute process with the ISP. This can take months and many follow ups before you ever receive a credit. An ISP Aggregator will handle all of this for you and provide you a single, correct and consolidated invoice each month. 

Better Customer Service

When was the last time your employee said they couldn’t wait to call the ISP? Between prompts, hold times and being passed around from one rep to another, that’s the last thing they want to do. And it takes many calls and/or emails to get a single service check and installation completed. With an ISP Aggregator in the mix, your dedicated Account Manager handles all of this for you. They report back with just the details you care about, like which services are available and the scheduled installation date. They make sure the service is installed correctly and whenever an issue arises they work directly with the ISP to get it resolved ASAP for you. 

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