The benefits of managed Networks

What's with all the buzz about managed networks?

The choice is simple

Reliability, security, scalability and more

You\'ve probably heard a lot of buzz around managed networks. And you might also be asking yourself, why should my business invest in managed network service? Actually, there are quite a few benefits in store for growing companies who choose to have their network managed. Let\'s walk through the awesome details.

firewall Reliability

Your company should be getting the most out of its network. In essence, that means you have a robust firewall in place and when you run into a problem at peak business hours, there is a reliable team at the ready to fix it. That\'s where s2s can help you out. We constantly monitor your firewalls so you never have to worry about compromising security, performance or business revenue. We\'ll even give you access to the cloud-based management tool so you\'re always aware of what\'s going on with your network. 

Enhanced Security and uptime

Sometimes there are problems with your network that are totally out of your control. Doesn\'t feel too good to have a vulnerability in your internet exposed for the world to exploit, does it? Choosing s2s is like a system fail-safe. Our managed network service means we have your back. Not only does that mean fewer interruptions, it means a more secure network that is up and running 100% of the time. In essence, a network you can rely on. s2s will manage the internet connections and firewall devices, so you can delegate more important and critical work to your team. Leave the rest to us.

Business Scalability

Are you adding new locations to your growing business? s2s has you covered there, too. No more worrying about being up and running in time for grand opening. We help your company scale when business is booming and you\'re looking to expand. Take the hassle out of deadlines, we\'ve got the coverage to get you up and running with a managed network anywhere you need it. You\'re never on your own with s2s.

Ongoing Management and Support

When you call up a brand-name service provider, it\'s likely you\'ll get put on hold. You might eventually get to a sales rep who knows the bare minimum to help you troubleshoot in some capacity. Let\'s be honest, in today\'s fast-paced world, there\'s no excuse for such poor service. Managed network means not only are there fewer problems to deal with, but when you do encounter an issue, s2s will be there to take care of everything. You aren\'t just investing in a service, you\'re investing in a dedicated team for your business.

The choice looks pretty simple for managed network services: reliability, security, scalability and a dedicated team. What more could you ask for? Give us a call!

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