The 5G Breakdown and What it Means

It's a new year, we have to update our thinking of what's possible.

The breakdown of 5G

It can't get any easier than this

What is 5G?

5g is the next generation of cellular. The \"G\" literally refers to the generation of the wireless technology. And each generation has typically been defined by its speed.

5G will bring with it significantly faster speeds (ie. downloading a movie in seconds) and the capacity to support the anticipated exponential growth in connected devices.


How does it compare to 4G?


5G is expected to be about 10 times faster 4G. Things you do today on the internet that seem pretty quick will feel instantaneous.


5G will use high frequencies which can support a lot of fast data. Data speeds slowing down at crowded events or in the home when too many devices are connected will be a thing of the past.


5G\'s prospective ultra-low-latency could range between 1ms and 10ms. This would allow, for example, a spectator in a football stadium to watch a live stream of an alternative camera angle of the action that matches what is going on the pitch ahead with no perceivable delay.


Internet of Things - Device Explosion
You'll be able to connect to everything at once.  By using multiple antennas you can connect to your WiFi, your nest, your refrigerator and find your lost keys and each will use their own antennae.


When will it be available?

While several US carriers are planning to launch limited roll-outs in 2018, the target for widespread availability is 2020.


Will I need a new phone?
Yes. 5G capable phones are expected to come out later this year, but most will arrive on the scene in 2019.


Will my business need new hardware?
Yes, It's a whole new world and it's exciting. Imagine being able to use your laptop anywhere and have great speeds.


How do I sign Up?
If you're an s2s business customer we'll keep you informed. If not, sign up for our 5G notification list and we'll let you know when it becomes available in your area.

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