Sales vs. Support

Why it matters.

Customer Service Matters

Why you need quality service especially after you're sold.

The Mainstream Providers (Sales)

What does your growing business look for in a provider (or any service, for that matter)? Are you looking for a team that will upsell you at every opportunity? The reality is, most competitive providers are in it for the sales side of things. The only part of the deal they\'re invested in is getting you on the highest-cost premium plan. This means when they sell to the small growing business in need of a good deal, the support ends there. You may get a good deal through competitive rates, but it often comes at the cost of a reliable customer experience.

You might be asking, why does customer service matter when you already have the shiny new plan? What\'s it mean to stay connected to the team that sells to you? Well if you\'ve ever had the opposite experience, you\'ll know what we mean. We know what it\'s like to be stuck on hold for over an hour listening to elevator music, while your internet performance suffers. And when that happens, it just equals a loss in business in the long run.

How s2s is Different (Support)

Here\'s the good news. We don\'t operate like the big competitors. Not only that, but we don\'t even have a sales team. Our bottom line is providing a reliable customer service experience. Go with us and we\'ll have your back every step of the way. s2s isn\'t interested in roping you into the biggest and most expensive plan we have. That\'s a bad business model. We measure our success customer satisfaction. If our customers are happy, we know we\'ve done our job right.

Not the Usual Experience

When you engage with a large carrier, who are the first people you meet? More than likely, you\'re coming face to face with a sales team dedicated to selling you a service you may not even need. They might even hand you their \"personal\" card so you\'ll stay in touch. But let\'s be honest, when you call that number, you aren\'t getting a support staff member or department interested in helping you solve connectivity issues. You\'re getting the same person who will convince you that what you need is the better plan.

We aren\'t about that at s2s Communications. In fact, we like to think we utilize the opposite strategy. Calling us means you\'re reaching a team determined to fix any problem and answer any question your business has in that moment. Throw us a curve ball, we\'re ready for it.

Customer Success

Like we said before, our bottom line comes from a happy customer. Putting your small business in our hands means you\'re signing onto reliability and a staff invested in your success. We like the term customer success because it already has one outcome in mind, keeping your company up and running. 

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