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Spending the day at the farm in Camden, NJ.

Yes, Camden, NJ.

Farmer Jon is changing the way Camden, NJ connects with its food. The Center For Environmental Transformation (CFET) manages about one acre of growing space at five locations in Waterfront South. Growing over 2,000 pounds of fresh chemical-free fruits and vegetables, thousands of seedlings and hundreds of native plants these gardens serve as community gathering spaces, outdoor classrooms and an urban connection to the natural world.

Being a good neighbor is a priority of the CFET. This is the second year in a row s2s has volunteered at CFET and helped Farmer Jon with Spring clean-up. We appreciate the special value of city garden space and also know the work of a farmer is never done. With Farmer Jon as our guide yesterday, we helped beautify the space. We started by weeding along the iron fence which faces the neighborhood. We removed thick, tall weeds and hauled them over to the compost pile. We also gathered all of the trash and debris so the neighbors can have a nicer view of the garden.

Connecting with nature, especially during the workday, is such a treat. The garden is surrounded by tall trees providing shaded area for a nice respite in between hauls. Although the sun was strong and hot, when it tucked behind the clouds we experienced a deliciously cool breeze. And as we cleared the area we caught a glimpse of worms, a snail and even a garter snake. The ecosystem appeared to be thriving!

Throughout the summer, the vegetables are harvested and sold every Saturday at the Farmer\'s market held in front of CFET. They even make their very own hot sauce called Kapow! with the helping hands of their Eco Interns. Camden youth participating in the Eco Intern program develop leadership skills through urban gardening, cooking and the development of innovative value-added products like the Kapow! hot sauce.

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