s2s Celebrates 10 Years

A celebration of business, family and telecom

A celebration

Happy teams make for a wonderful business

What do you get when a progressive entrepreneur buys a telecommunications MSP? Something more magical than you might expect.

Rewind to February 2008. The then Fiberlink Communications, acquired by IBM in 2013, was uber focused on their MaaS360 enterprise mobility management (EAM) platform and seeking to offload their managed broadband and network services. Mike Kelsen bought the managed services business and spun it out as s2s Communications (s2s). In short order, Mike hired a handful of employees and the team spent the next two years rebuilding the accounts and solidifying the relationships with the customers and vendors.

Then in 2010 the then ANXeBusiness, which was acquired by OpenText in 2016, acquired s2s. ANX\'s managed security & compliance services paired with s2s\' managed broadband & network services seemed like the perfect marriage. But as is common with acquisitions, the members of the original s2s team were accustomed to small company culture and gradually moved on to opportunities elsewhere. As the team members moved on, customer experience changed. And three years into the relationship Mike had the opportunity to buy the business back, and he did!

Without hesitation, each of the original team members returned to s2s in March of 2013. A few new members came on board as well. Feeling how special it was to operate the business for a second time, Mike (Founder & CEO) and Neeraja (President & COO) decided we would celebrate the birthday of what we lovingly refer to as s2s version 2.0. Thus, this year we celebrated the 5th birthday of s2s v2.0, but we also celebrated the 10th anniversary of when Mike first bought the business.

The magical part is we not only have all of the same original staff, but we also still have all but one of the original customers. This is because of the priority we place on service -- to employees, customers and vendors alike. People and relationships matter and we invest in them. Thus far, as we have grown with new employees and new customers, we have managed to maintain our culture. We know this will be one of our biggest challenges as we continue to grow, but we are up for the challenge.

Here\'s a little taste of this year\'s celebration.