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why network management by s2s is the best decision for your restaurant

Internet Dependability for Your Customers

Is your internet ever spotty? Are you on the phone arguing with ISPs, or wasting your time configuring your network, when you could be using those valuable minutes to improve your business instead? We've all been there. That's why s2s has your back. Our focus is on internet uptime. So if you ever run into a problem, you\'ll be up and running again in no time. That\'s our guarantee. s2s is the number one name in dependability.

Managed Network Services Catered to You

Why do so many companies settle for a one-size-fits-all plan from big ISPs? Or why do these same companies rely on their IT department to handle network issues and end up overburdened? Either way you cut it, your business might not have a fine-tuned plan for network management. There\'s another option for you, s2s Managed Service. What does s2s do differently? We take your desire for a well-oiled network seriously. That means we handle equipment recommendation, setup and implementation. AND, we handle all ISP-related matters. When your service goes down, s2s takes care of it. We give you the tools you need and spare you the ones you don't. It's that easy.

Broadband Size and Scale 

Upgrade? Downgrade? Moving locations? Opening a new store in another city? Yep, we've got you covered there too. The great thing about s2s Managed Internet Service is we\'re flexible. We work on your time and schedule accordingly. Let\'s be honest, it\'s important to find a cost-effective method to scale with the times. Technology evolves at a quick pace, and getting left behind can be bad for business, especially when transactions rely on fast internet and devices. s2s eliminates the worry of falling behind, so you can focus on what really matters, your business.

Keep Your Network Safe and Secure 

Your customers expect you to treat their personal information with care. s2s understands security protocols like the back of our hands. Can your IT team say the same? s2s networks alert when there is a security vulnerability and the s2s team takes immediate action. This means we\'re not only dedicated to network uptime, but also to a secure, reliable and (most importantly) safe network. Keep your business up and running without exposing yourself or your customers to security breaches.

Expensive Networks? Not Anymore

The biggest bottom line is always money. Don\'t waste valuable resources on ill-fitting plans from ISPs and in-house IT departments. Let s2s do the heavy lifting! That way, you\'ll save money because every dollar spent is going towards keeping your network safe, secure and functioning at an optimal level.

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