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Exploring the Possibility of No Contract Business Internet

Is no contract business internet a mere myth, or does it truly exist? This question often boggles the minds of businesses operating seasonally or those uncertain about the duration of their presence in a location, and are thus looking to mitigate any potential loss. Essentially, 'no contract business internet' refers to an internet service without a fixed-term commitment. Although this type of service can be a needle in a haystack, particularly when it comes to wireline services, it does exist within the sphere of cellular service. Let's delve into this in more detail.

Does No Contract Wireline Business Internet Exist?

Generally speaking, no contract wireline business internet is a rarity, with a few exceptions that prove the rule. The major cable internet companies have pretty much never offered it, with the exception of one of the big guys who once had an option for internet service on a month-to-month basis. However, they have since migrated to a term-based internet service model offering guaranteed rates, effectively eliminating the no-contract option.

Conversely, a glimmer of hope exists in the realm of Local Exchange Carriers (LECs). Some LECs still offer month-to-month internet service options, such as AT&T Business Fiber (ABF) and Verizon FiOS. These services typically come with a price guarantee for a predetermined duration. The critical question here is whether your location qualifies for these services or not.

Cellular - The Gateway to No Contract Freedom

Cellular service, with its inherent flexibility, comes as a beacon of hope for businesses in search of no-contract internet service. Its salient features, such as month-to-month terms and cost-effectiveness, make it a top contender for both primary and failover business connectivity.

When it comes to primary use case, AT&T's Business Over Broadband and Verizon’s Business Internet are both excellent options due to their high data allotment and unlimited data offerings, respectively. Similarly, for failover connectivity, all cellular carriers offer low data usage plans at great prices, and again, on month-to-month terms.

Your Guide to No Contract Business Internet

If you're a small business operating in only a few locations, contacting the providers directly to see what they can offer could prove beneficial. On the other hand, larger businesses with numerous locations should seek guidance from their Managed Service Provider (MSP). If you lack an MSP, it's advisable to hire one specializing in ISP aggregation for both wireline and wireless internet service.

Here's where s2s can lend a helping hand.
As a Gartner-recognized MSP, s2s offers expert guidance in navigating the complex world of business internet. Our team of telecom specialists adeptly verify the availability of wireline and wireless options for your locations, deploy the most suitable solutions for your business, and work in conjunction with our certified network engineers to ensure your network is always up and running. Trust s2s to streamline your ISP aggregation and managed network services for a hassle-free experience.


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