Mike meets Mike

52 American Success Stories w/ Mike Luzio

Interview with our Founder


Mike Kelsen, serial entrepreneur and owner of s2s Communications, was interviewed earlier this month by entrepreneur enthusiast Mike Luzio for his web series entitled 52 American Success Stories. The energy between these two is tangible. Probably because both of these guys possess an innate passion for entrepreneurship and a drive to pursue and live life on their terms, doing what makes them feel energized.

For many of us, it\'s not uncommon to get stuck in a secure job even if it does not fulfill us. The risk associated with taking the leap to pursue our passion can feel daunting. And for those fortunate to work in a really great environment, it\'s that much harder to leave. But then there are people like MK who tell us \"if your side hustle is what makes you happy, that\'s what you should be doing,\" and it magically seems possible because we have seen him do it and do it really well. He\'s not the only one, ML has interviewed a ton of successful entrepreneurs who are making a living doing what they love, building evidence this is indeed possible. This video begs the question, are you living your passion?