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What\'s the advantage of going local when choosing your Managed Service Provider (MSP), when the internet allows us to be anywhere and everywhere simultaneously? Are there any positives of having your MSP in your backyard? Believe it or not, going local is something your growing business should look into, simply because it makes certain things a lot more convenient.

Let\'s take a step back, though. Aren\'t most problems solved with the click of a button (or two) from thousands of miles away nowadays? This is true. Most, if not all, of your connection issues can be fixed without ever having to step foot into your company building. So in that aspect, choosing a non-local service provider wouldn\'t matter. What does matter, then?


If you\'re a business who\'s diving into the world of managed service providers for the first time, setting things up can seem daunting. What might put your mind at rest? Well, a lot of businesses are opting to meet their managed service providers in person. Not only is it easier than over laggy video chat, but it offers a chance for you to see what goes on in an office like s2s Communications. You can meet the team, discuss your custom plan and get to know the people who will be managing your network. It\'ll feel a lot more personal than getting put on hold at the big ISPs when you call in with a question, quote request or issue with your internet. 

The 1% Problem

As we said, most problems can be solved without having to come into the office. But what about the 1% problem that no one really knows how to fix? That\'s where local managed service providers really shine! It makes a big difference knowing s2s is a stone\'s throw away from your business. This is especially convenient when your company has multiple local locations. Let\'s be honest, the 1% problem is rare. Super rare. But redundancy is the name of the game in cases like these. Better safe than sorry! If it\'s a big issue, you\'ll be glad you went local.

The Lay Of The Land

Sometimes it\'s a lot easier to diagnose a problem when your provider has a thorough understanding of the area. They know the location of your business, and they know what\'s happening around you. Weather, construction and other potential hazards are a lot easier to deal with when you can see them coming. A major ISP may not be able to diagnose those issues as quickly as a local MSP could. That\'s when you know you should go local!

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