Managed firewall: security re-imagined

Do you know how secure your firewall is?

Firewall & Managed internet

Why risk your smoothly-running operation?

Most business owners know what a firewall is. It allows us to communicate across the internet while keeping unwanted people and malware out. The good news is that most ISP devices come with some sort of firewall functionality. So what\'s the bad news, and where does Managed Firewall fit into all of this? Well, the firewall on the ISP device could be vulnerable and just doesn\'t offer enough protection in today\'s world.

Security Threats Today

In fact, businesses are more susceptible than ever to security risks. Phishing and malicious websites are extremely commonplace, so it makes sense that your security systems should evolve with the times.

Enter Managed Firewall services. Simply put, it adds an extra layer of protection and security to your network, via two key components -

(1) Security appliance with next-generation firewall, intrusion prevention & content filtering

(2) Dedicated support team working 24x7x365 to manage your firewall

Together, the risk of your employees stumbling across malicious websites and creating vulnerability in your network is significantly reduced. Prevention and security are integral parts to Managed Firewall, and with eyes on your network, you have the satisfaction of knowing you\'re protected.

Money Back to You

Another benefit of utilizing a Managed Firewall? You\'ll be saving money in the long run. Someone taking advantage of your data loses the trust of your customers and in turn hurts your bottom line. Many companies are upgrading their IT budget and department strategies in response to these risks. And for good reason, the potential for disaster is just too great.

So why should your company make the switch to Managed Firewall Services? There are plenty of reasons! We\'ll monitor everything from your network to the devices you\'re bringing in, so that any potential crack in your security is sealed. Your growing business has enough on its plate without having to dedicate staff to watching your network all day. Delivering peace of mind, all day every day, s2s Managed Firewall Service is the right choice for your business.

Expand Your Business (And Keep It Safe)

What happens when you\'ve got multiple locations and you want to expand even further? We\'ve got you covered there, too! Put your worries to rest, because our team scales security efforts as your business grows. That means no matter how successful, large, and complicated your company gets, we\'ve got your back. Why risk ruining a smooth operation? The good news is you don\'t have to.

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