Internet Connection Monitoring

why internet monitoring by s2s is the best decision for your business

Internet Connection Alerts

You\'re working a busy day that requires everyone\'s full attention and focus. Everything is going great...until the internet goes out. With s2s, not only is the outage resolved faster (so you can get back to work), but you\'ll be notified every step of the way. We immediately address the issues so you don\'t have to waste valuable business time waiting around, hoping for problems to get fixed. When you\'re in the know on disruptions, your mind is at ease.

Less Network Downtime

s2s is committed to keeping your business productive by actively monitoring your network and taking necessary action 24x7x365. With s2s on top of the problem, not only do you know what\'s happening, you\'re also getting a guarantee that you\'ll experience resolution ASAP. And with s2s backup cellular internet service deployed in your network, your business can avoid downtime altogether when the primary connection experiences a disruption. What\'s the bottom line for your business? No profit loss and a stronger ROI.

Bird's-eye View

In addition to 24x7x365 monitoring and trouble resolution, s2s puts all of your locations on a map so that you can see the status of your network at a quick glance. Our multi-location internet monitoring tool is called Falcon and it displays the UP/DOWN status of all of your internet connections. What\'s great about Falcon is it\'s completely hosted by s2s. There\'s nothing to download or host on your own network.

Internet Service Details

Our Falcon tool not only shows you the status of your network, but it also provides all of the important details of your internet service in an easy-to-read and accessible dashboard. Your business can access all relevant data including provider name, service type, bandwidth and UP/DOWN status for each of your internet connections. We believe in putting information in the palm of your hand so you have it when you need it.

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