The Tale of 2 Internets - Managed vs. Unmanaged

One went well and one was a disaster

Business needs internet up and running

So why were so many blindsided when comcast went out

Comcast\'s outage on 6/29/18 was, well, a disaster for internet users across the nation. These types of outage, while rare, are disruptive to say the least. We can\'t lose sight of the fact that the internet we rely on everyday is somewhat at the mercy of the elements and human behavior. So how do businesses that depend on uptime keep the internet up and running? Enter s2s.


Cellular Backup: Keep your POS up and running

Why lose connectivity when you don\'t have to? The more routes to the internet, the safer your business will be when the storm hits. Our cellular backup plan makes your internet uptime near perfect. Think of a powerful generator for when the power goes out in your home. Do you want to rely on candles and flashlights until someone can finally take your call hours into the night? We didn\'t think so. No more waiting for ISPs busy phone lines. Cellular backup means the trouble is over before it even started. What\'s even better about this? Low cost, resilient and we make it easy to install. Anywhere. Anytime. Why take a gamble on company productivity?

Cellular backup solutions start at $20 from s2s Communications.


Falcon: Multiple Location Internet Monitoring Tool

If your company operates at multiple locations, won\'t it be a pain to keep track of outages like these? That\'s a lot of phone calls, not only to your satellite locations, but to their local ISP provider centers as well. Who has time for that in a business day? That\'s why s2s invented Falcon, a custom dashboard that monitors all of your locations. Outage? No problem. We\'ll identify the problem for you, alert you when something is wrong and make sure your service is restored ASAP.  

The Falcon Tool starts at $1.75/month per connection. (Free 30 day trial)


Trouble Resolution: Never Call Your ISP Again.

Tired of making those phone calls to ISPs that basically go unnoticed? Well, think about what happens during an outage. Thousands of angry customers flood the lines in hopes of restoring internet service. The fix could take hours, or days, depending on the severity of the outage. s2s has your back during a crisis like this. We do the heavy lifting for you, from set up of service through trouble resolution. That means our team of experts monitors your internet, alerts you when there\'s an issue and gets you back on track right away. Trouble resolved.

Never call your ISP again starts at $29/month per connection


We see you eyeing the amazing benefits of s2s. Want to give us a try? Don\'t waste your time trying to get through to big ISPs via phone. These outages are going to cost your company time and money. Give us a call.

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