As we embark on our 16th year in the business of ISP aggregation we thought it would be helpful to share the answers to the most common questions we are asked when we chat with prospective clients. We hope this serves as a useful guide for you if you are seeking the support of a Managed Service Provider (MSP) that specializes in ISP aggregation and managed network services.


Q: Can you manage our existing internet connections or do we have to install new?

A: We can manage your existing connections, you are not required to install new connections through s2s.


Q: In what regions do you offer internet service?

A: US, including Puerto Rico, & Canada


Q: What if we need certain details pertaining to a circuit, for example static IP information, do you maintain the circuit inventory for us? 

A: Yes, we maintain the circuit details for you and provide you access to them in our Managed Services portal. We are also happy to email them to you.


Q: What else do we have access to in your Managed Services portal?

A: In addition to your circuit details, you have access to a map of your locations showing real-time up/down status of your connections and a link to circuit performance details (packet loss and latency). You also have access to the ticketing interface so you can view status and/or update a ticket at any time.


Q: During what hours is your support team available?

A: 24x7x365


Q: Can you share an example of the monthly bill you'll provide us? 

A: Absolutely, we'll provide you a sample version of both the PDF invoice and the Excel details report you will receive each month. Our customers like how the monthly fees are itemized by location and provided in an Excel report which is easy for them to filter, analyze, bill back fees to specific locations, etc.


Q: Do you offer wireless service? 

A: Yes, we offer 5G and 4G/LTE plans via all the main carriers. We also offer robust cellular devices via our partnership with Cradlepoint. s2s is a certified and 5G specialized Cradlepoint partner.


Q: What if we need a line extension, or other field services support, can you help?

A: Yes, we provide field services support for all sorts of requests, ex. DMARC extensions, break/fix, device installations, network closet cleanups, etc. We coordinate and manage each technician dispatch to make sure it is scheduled for a day/time that works for your location and to ensure the scope is completed correctly.


s2s is a Garter-recognized MSP that specializes in ISP aggregation and managed network services. We've deployed and managed thousands of internet connections for our customers and would be happy to chat about how we can support your business. Give us a call!

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