Cellular Internet is your insurance
against downtime

Uptime equals money

How much money are you sacrificing to bad internet

Almost every business relies on a constant internet connection. From making orders to operating your credit card machines, to communicating with customers, a stable internet connection is vital to the long-term success of your business.

Unfortunately, as most business owners know, Internet Service Providers (ISP) can be extremely unreliable, and dealing with your ISP when your internet is out can be extremely frustrating.

However, what if you could make sure that your business always has the connection it needs to succeed? Luckily, this is entirely possible with cellular backup.

Think of cellular backup as the insurance for your business. When your wired line internet connection goes out, your cellular backup kicks in, meaning your business operations will never be interrupted.

How Internet Outages Cost Your Business
Before we jump into how backup cellular can help your business, it\'s a good idea to examine just how harmful an unexpected internet outage can be to your business.

Imagine that it\'s the busy holiday shopping season. Your business is filled with customers looking for a last minute gift. Now imagine that your internet goes out and your credit card machines no longer work.

You could potentially lose thousands of dollars in sales simply because your internet went out.  While larger businesses might be able to absorb such losses, they would be disastrous for a small business.

With cellular backup in place, you\'ll never have to worry about an internet outage affecting your bottom line.

Backup Internet and ROI
If you\'re like most business owners, you think of things in terms of dollars and cents, meaning you want to make sure any investment you make provides a strong return on investment (ROI). For example, many small business owners assume an office space is a wasted expense. But by having a physical office, customers will view the business as legitimate, potentially resulting in increased sales and an impressive ROI.

Similarly, having backup cellular internet can be very beneficial in terms of ROI. Let\'s assume that your business brings in about $1,000 per day. If your normal internet connection goes out for a day, it can seriously impact your profits. However, for a small investment of $20 per month, which is the typical cost of cellular backup, you would be able to avoid these losses.

Consider Managed Broadband
In addition to making sure that your business always has an internet connection, you also need to make sure you have the best connection available. Depending on where your business is located, you may have multiple broadband options from which to choose. To make sure your business selects the right service, you should consider partnering with a Managed Service Provider (MSP) that specializes in managed internet service.

The MSP will verify the options available in your area and help you select the option that best matches the needs of your business.

Protect Your Business
If you want to make sure that your business can succeed, it\'s important that you have a quality internet connection. Luckily, guaranteeing that your business is always connected is easy when you choose a backup cellular connection and managed internet service from s2s Communications.

When you work with us, you\'ll never have to worry about your internet going out or navigating the prompts at your ISP ever again. We can help you choose the right internet connection for your business and can keep you connected with our backup services. Contact us today to get started.

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