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Managed services

what it is and why it matters

You might be hearing a lot about Managed Network Services. Seems like a lot of buzzwords thrown together, doesn\'t it? There are a lot of misconceptions about what managed services are, and if they\'re even right for your business. s2s has you covered! We\'ll attempt to answer a lot of the questions your company might be facing, and we hope it helps you decide on making the next vital decision for your growing business. Ready? Let\'s begin.

What Are Managed Services?

We\'ll start by answering the most prominent question on your mind, what exactly are managed services? Let\'s take a look at a hypothetical IT department to find the answer. The team is in-house, on your payroll, and  highly specialized. It might be made up of no more than a few people, and it fields every network and technology question in the book. Now let\'s say one of the team members leaves. How do you handle that? By continuously hiring more employees, only for those IT guys to leave you too? And what do you do if that team asks you for a raise that just isn\'t in your budget?

Here\'s where managed services shine. They take the trouble out of the employee revolving door. s2s is a dedicated team that won\'t leave your side, for better or worse. We deliver a flat monthly rate so there\'s no salary to pay or benefits to give away. In fact, you can ditch your whole IT department and we\'ll fill the gaps seamlessly.

Who Uses Managed Services?

Businesses looking to expand are the biggest buyers of managed services, and for good reason. That\'s because companies like s2s expand with you. Have a new network you\'re looking to build when you switch offices? Or maybe your existing network and devices need a bit of a facelift? We\'re here for you! We cover a vast range of services, all of them managed by s2s. The best part? You\'ll be in the know every step of the way, because we have precise monitoring tools that\'ll allow you to keep a pulse on your network. We\'ll take you out of the dark of stagnant IT rooms and into the light of managed services.

How Do I Know If I Need Managed Services?

If your IT is lagging behind your growing business, then managed services might be the right move for the company. If you\'re worried about potential security risks in your network, then managed services are a good idea. If you like saving money on costly employees, it\'s managed services you want to invest in. And if you just like the peace of mind that comes with a 24x7x365 help desk offering near 100% network uptime, it\'s time to make the call.

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