A meeting with the Founder & CEO of SmarTECHS

The next generation of tools is here

In 2019, Field Service tech is getting sexy

One of the things I love most about my job is the opportunity to meet new people. And the cherry on top is when I get to learn about something exciting they are doing. Especially when it is something I\'ve not seen or heard about yet. Earlier this month, at the Verizon / Nokia 5G event in Philadelphia, I found myself in a prime setting for such encounters. 

A chance encounter

One encounter involved the Founder & CEO of SmarTECHS, Remy De Vlieghere. He was chatting with my Verizon Wireless colleagues when I joined the conversation. I came to know his firm has developed technology to enhance and improve the field service technician industry. In short, they empower technicians in the field with everything they need with voice command, hands-free wearables. This allows technicians to get their jobs done safely, faster and right the first time, while reducing the need for training.

We had to see this in person

My CTO and I were curious and wanted to see this new technology.  We set a date and met with Remy again earlier this week and we had the opportunity to demo the equipment. SmarTECHS is 100% hands-free, equipped with a 2k display screen that is voice-activated. Scope of Work documents are easy to access and view. It also has an Expert Capture function to allow senior techs to create standard operating procedures on the fly.

As if the headset wasn\'t nifty enough, it pairs with a web-based platform, enabling the tech to upload photos and/or video real-time, in short it helps crystalize and institutionalize field knowledge. It also allows dispatch and project management folks the ability to monitor progress and provide support in real time and as needed so you don\'t have to pull a second truck.  We got super excited envisioning our next tech dispatch for a network installation. We imagined how great it would be to see exactly what the tech was seeing and to provide guidance accordingly. We also saw billable hours on-site shrinking, which is a win for everybody! 

Cheers to working smarter for our customers! For more information on SmarTECHS visit SmarTECHS.io and for more information on s2s visit s2s.com

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