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Choosing a Managed Service Provider (MSP) is a critical component in not only how your company uses technology today and tomorrow, but in the months and years to come. The right MSP keeps your company connected. It is a source of information, options, guidance, and security. A well-vetted MSP can bring confidence and peace of mind to your company as you move it forward.

Technology is the foundation of your business 

Even if your company is not technology-based, technologies play an important role in its advancement. Technology affects where and how well you can reach out to clients and customers and connect them with your products or services. It helps you manage customer data and keeps it secure. It creates opportunities and can improve your bottom line. Of course, with so much at stake, choosing the right MSP is a decision that should not be taken lightly. Some companies, however, may not feel comfortable or qualified to make this decision. They may not fully understand the value of partnering with an MSP.


An MSP is an extension of your team

The more an MSP understands about your company, the better they can work with you in achieving your goals. But what do you need to know about choosing an MSP? Here are 5 best practices you should be looking for in choosing a Managed Service Provider as a technology partner for your organization.


  1. You should be able to connect with a human when you need too.
    If the only available person at an MSP is in the sales department, it speaks volumes about their priorities. You want to know before choosing an MSP that they will be there when you need them. It is easy enough to find out. Call support before you call sales.
  2. What is their customer retention level?
    Of course, companies are always looking to add clients, but how well they retain their present customers is a big indicator of how well they are performing. Not only should they be able to demonstrate a high retention level they should be able to show they have maintained it over a lengthy period of time.
  3. Will they be there as technology continues to evolve?
    How well do they understand the technology they are selling? Some MSPs are less interested in finding real solutions than they are in making a profit from hardware sales. If you want a reseller, buy equipment off the shelf. If you want an MSP who will partner with you, choose one who fully understands evolving technologies and how they can work together for your benefit.
  4. Will they make life easier?
    An MSP should understand the ways technology can make businesses more efficient and add value without adding complicated systems. They simply should be able to make your life easier. Do they offer a free audit or consultation to demonstrate how they can help your business? What are the little things they do to set themselves apart?
  5. What importance do they place on internet uptime?
    Do they just make claims or can they show how they prevent downtime? Can they provide any statistics? What steps do they take when there is an interruption in the internet?


How s2s Communications Measures Up

At s2s, we fully understand that if we are not available when you experience an internet service or network issue, what's the point?

Call our support team and find out for yourself. (856) 780-3739

We are a managed services company that recognizes the importance of making humans available 24x7x365. We are not only proud to have a 95% customer retention rate, but in the fact that we have maintained that rate for not just a year or two, but over the last decade.

Our team is constantly evolving our managed services to address the growing needs of our clients. From our bill consolidation to our Falcon tool, s2s offers meaningful solutions for businesses with multiple locations. When you connect with s2s Communications, we will schedule a free consultation and even offer a no-cost trial of our services.

If you are looking for a technology partner to help move your company forward, we invite you to learn more about s2s Communications. We build trust one connection at a time.

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