Frequently Asked Questions

After your FREE 60-day trial expires, Falcon is only $9 / internet connection per month.

Assuming you provide the necessary information (ISP, Service Type, Bandwidth and static IP for monitoring) the connections can be set up within 3-4 days.

We can. And if desired we can change the billing party to s2s if you\'d like to receive our single, consolidated billing service.

We do. Our Global Operations Center (GOC) works every day of the year (including weekends and holidays) to make sure your internet is up and running. And, on Mondays through Fridays all incoming calls are answered by our US-based call center during the hours of 9 AM to 5 PM eastern time zone.

We provide internet service across the entire United States (including Puerto Rico) and Canada. For network device management, we are global.

Our service is a good fit for companies with many branch offices or retail locations, regardless of industry.

We are. We do not hold any exclusivity agreements with any ISPs. We verify all services available for each location so our customers can select the best option for them.

s2s is a MSP (Managed Service Provider) who sits between you and the ISPs. As such, s2s adds a layer of expertise and customer service you don\'t typically receive from the ISP. Over the past 10 years we have made it our business to know everything about internet - who are the ISPs, what services do they offer, how do we get the service installed right, how do we get trouble tickets resolved as soon as possible, how do we make sure everything is billed correctly. With s2s as your provider, you never have to interact with any ISP again, we handle everything.

s2s is a Managed Service Provider specializing in the deployment and management of internet and network services for business. In 2017 Gartner recognized s2s as a best-of-breed remote access provider.