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Cellular Saves the Day

Say NO to Downtime

  • No Contracts | Pay as You Go
  • Up and running in less than a week
Starting at


per month
per location

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How Can Cellular Help You?

Low cost yet effective backup internet connection 

What happens when your internet goes down? Do you have a backup connection in place so your business can continue running? s2s cellular is a low-cost, redundant option for ensuring business continuity.

Remote location where you can’t get decent wired line internet

We make it easy. Just send us your business address and we will take it from there. Our team of cellular experts will verify which provider has good service in your region.


Keep Your Business Moving

Reasons Our Customers Use Cellular



Why take a risk on a single connection?

Worth Every Penny

Great bandwidth at a much lower cost than a second wired line connection.


Reliable service you can count on.

Quick and Easy Install

Construction is never required and service is readily available. 

Starting at $20 per location

Businesses choose s2s cellular when downtime is not an option.


Easy Install

Be up and running within a week. s2s sends the cellular modem with the activated SIM card and you plug it into your network. It's that simple!


Pooled Plans

1GB pooled data plans start at just $20 per month. If you have 20 locations, you have 20 GB of data for all of the locations to rely on. 


No Contracts

s2s cellular service is provided on a month to month term with no commitment. This gives you the opportunity to try with no risk. 



We're Your Single Point of Contact Across the Country

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"The S2S folks are fantastic to work with! The team is bright, effective & understanding to my companies' needs"

— Joe Massi
Pep Boys

" As a technology company, they provide a now rare (for these days) human touch...and never take a "not our problem" attitude even if that is the case."

— Michael Cardali
formerly with STS Tire & Auto Centers

"s2s came to us when we were beyond frustrated with what was then our current provider. s2s took charge, got up to speed and completed our projects that had been waiting for months previously."

— Global Infrastructure Network & Telephony Team

"While we may not be a very large client for you, we appreciate s2s more than you may know. I am one of the grateful users of your service, from my home office. The reliability and service we get from s2s is excellent. We use this “connect from home office like you are IN the office” as a way to attract and retain talent. It is one of the things our business management team ranks “very high” as a reason to work at SPI."

— Ronn Cort, COO and President
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